Studio Amenities

About our Space

Espace Gris studios is a versatile space with a minimalist feel. We have a wide range of coloured seamless backgrounds, textures, equipment and props to achieve multiple looks, all in one convenient location.

Mobile Hair & Makeup -Station for 2(two)  with ideal lighting ( Artificial or Natural). Stand in shower located in spacious washroom/private change room, Client lounge with comfy sofa seating and wifi access, Ample work surface space for laptop and equipment , Access to black and white printer upon request. Kitchenette complete with microwave, Fridge and Nespresso Machine.

Free parking after 5pm and free parking on Weekends. 6$ full day parking rates during business hours.

What to eat?

Between Mon-Fri  8am to 3pm We have one of the best new restaurants in the city located inside our building. The owners of Maison Publique and Joe Beef have opened up McKiernan Luncheonette.  Bring your whole entire creative crew to lunch without having to leave the building. Best news is that they are located on same floor of Espace Gris studios. @mckiernan


Elevator access, wheelchair accessible via loading dock. Drive up ramp ( facing St-Patrick street, next to Mckiernan) to loading dock right on our floor (2nd floor)  Entrance to studio double doors 8′ wide and 10′ height.

12′ Ladder,foot stool and step ladder available

Complimentary Props & Equipment
*please request required props before your rental date*


  • Manfrotto super boom rolling stand
  • 6 10lbs sand bags
  • (2)4×8 Foam core white V flats
  • (2)4×8 Foam core black V flats
  • Projector (Facing CYC wall) HDMI/RCA connected  (720p)
  • Heavy duty rolling rack on wheels. ( Hangers Included)
  • Garment steamer
  • Ikea ‘Hover’  body mirror (30 3/4×77 1/8 “)
  • 10′ heavy duty ladder / Step ladder
  • 12 Acoustic blankets for audio recording ( C-stand rental recommended )


  • 4 athletic build mannequins (2 males /2 female) (1 black Mannequin)
  • 3 Dyson tower fans
  • 1 retro ground fan
  • 2 wooden stools
  • 2 Short stools ( Orange)
  • 1 high chair ( black)
  • 4 Eiffel Eames Style chairs ( Grey + White)
  • 1 Wicker Chair
  • 2 Vintage hard suitcases
  • Variety of real  palm plants
  • Variety of fake & real succulents
  • 3 Retro rotary phones
Paid Rentals

Lighting ( Strobes +  Continuous)

Lighting Modifiers

Remote Triggers , transmitters & Receivers