What is the difference between Editorial pricing vs Commercial pricing?

  1. Editorial pricing is reserved for  creative projects  that have no commercial value. IE: testing out a new lighting set up,  model casting , test shoot.
  2. Commercial pricing reserved for any company or individual being paid or paying to have images/motion content created with a commercial value or intent.  IE: Looks books, e-commerce , product photography etc.

Can I book anytime  within the 4 or 8 hour block?

  1. Yes you can book any 4 hour block  or 8 hour block up until 11pm. Simply let us know if you’d like to book from lets say  2pm-6pm, simply let us know via email . Although our site has 9-1 or 9-5 listed, we are flexible with the time you’d like to book for.

How early can I come before my rental time?

  1. You can come up to 30 minutes before your shoot time.

Can I cancel a booking that I have already paid for?

  1. You can cancel any pre-paid booking 48 hours in-advance. You will be issued a full refund minus the paypal processing fees. If you have paid by email xfer you’ll be refunded the full amount within 2 business days.

Are strobes or continuous lighting included with my rental?

  1. No , Lights and stands are not included in your rental. We do offer basic lighting kits at an extra cost to your rental.

What type of furniture is include with my rental?

  1. Grey 2 seater sofas
  2.  Large bamboo table with 6 designer chairs
  3. 5 black IKEA tables  2.6″ x5′
  4.  1 coffee table
  5. 2 side chairs ( Grey & Bamboo)

Can the furnishing be moved around?

  1. Yes you can configure the space and the furniture to what you want.

Is there parking available?

  1. Yes , during 9-5 parking is paid at the valet.  5pm and on weekends, Parking is free.

Is there access to a freight and or an elevator?

  1. Yes the building has a dock that you can drive up to on the second floor, where the studio is located.
  2. There is an elevator at DOOR C of the building that bring you to the second floor .
  3. We can loan you a buggy ( free of charge)  to help you carry up your gear, props etc. Simply put in ta request via email

IS the studio sound proof?

  1. The studio is not sound proof.  We are located in an old industrial building which has some creeks and cracks that you can hear throughout the space at times.  We also have other tenants above us and below us which can create some heavy foot traffic . We recommend that video projects where sound is important to be booked on weekends where the building is less occupied which decrease the noise level by about 80%.
  2. There is a transformer inside the studio connected to the electrical panel that gives off a faint hum sound. This can easily be edited out in post production. We are trying to get a fix to eliminate the noise completely.  In the meanwhile , we offer complimentary acoustic blankets to help minimize an ambient sound and noises.